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microplaques Spectrophotomètre PowerWave HT

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High-throughput monochromator-based absorbance

BioTek’s PowerWave HT microplate spectrophotometer is designed for use in a myriad of applications, from direct quantitation of nucleic acids using automated pathlength correction to full-scale high throughput operations that demand speed, accuracy and reliability. With rugged hardware, proven optical performance and a very small footprint, the PowerWave  HT is uniquely designed to provide the most application flexibility while saving space both on the benchtop and in automated systems. Gen5 Data Analysis software comes with PowerWave HT, providing unsurpassed power and versatility.

Use PowerWave HT for applications requiring low UV measurements, such as direct DNA quantitation and purity testing, RNA quantitation, as well as basic ELISA’s, enzyme kinetics, colorimetric assays, spectral scanning and many other applications.

US Federal Government customers: This product is available on GSA contract. Contact BioTek Customer Care with questions or submit a Quote Request Form to receive pricing and information on specific models (please note 'GSA Contract' in the Comments field).

  • No Interference Filters Required
    Monochromator optical design provides continuous wavelength selection from 200 nm to 999 nm. Measuring wavelengths can be selected in 1 nm increments to meet all assay requirements – it’s like having 800 filters built in! Spectral scanning capability allows quick determination of peak wavelengths in unknown solutions.
  • Microplate Types
    96 and 384-well plates measured. In addition, the PowerWave HT can also read up to 8 of BioTek’s patented Bio-Cell™ quartz vessels for fixed 1 cm measurements.
  • Fast Reading Speed
    Using “on the fly” technology, an entire 96-well plate can be read as few as 5 seconds.
  • Temperature Control and Microplate Shaking
    BioTek’s 4-Zone™ temperature control is a standard feature with the PowerWave HT. BioTek microplate readers use a natural convection system rather than a forced hot air system. This reduces evaporation in the microplate across its broad temperature range of 4° above ambient to 50°C. In the reading chamber, the microplate is completely surrounded by four independently controlled heaters ensuring low variation across the microplate. Users select from four shaking intensities and can define shake time for controlled agitation.
  • Robotics Compatible
    The PowerWave HT's small footprint makes it ideal for robotic systems. The carrier is designed for easy robot gripper access. PowerWave HT is compatible with BioStack 3 and BioStack.
  • Gen5™ Data Analysis Software included with all models.
PoweWave HT

Powerwave Ht: 200 à 999 nm, plaques de 96 à 384 puits, lisible avec une secousse programmable et un controle de température ambiente de 4 degré C à 50 degré C

Méthode de détection Absorbance
Méthode de lecture Point final, cinétique, spectral, balayage linéaire
Types de microplaque 96 - & 384 puits
Contrôle de température 4 ° C au-dessus ambiante à 50 ° C
+ 0,5 ° C à 37 ° C
Agitation Durée et intensité programmables par l'utilisateur
Logiciels Gen5 Logiciel d'analyse de données
Automatisation Compatible avec BioStack et autres systèmes d'automatisation
Source lumineuse Lampe flash au xénon
Sélection de longueurs d'onde Monochromateur, incréments sélectionnables de 1 nm ou plus
Gamme de longueurs d'onde 200 à 999 nm
Bande Passante 5 nm
Gamme dynamique 0 à 4,0 DO
Résolution 0,001 DO
Précision de longueur d'onde du monochromateur + 2 nm
Répétabilité de la longueur d'onde du monochromateur +0,2 nm
Précision de la DO 1% + 0,01 DO (standard)
Linéarité de la DO +1 % (standard)
Répétabilité de la DO 0.5% + 0,005 DO (standard)
Lumière parasite 0,03 % à 230 nm (standard)
Vitesse de lecture 96 puits: 5 secondes
384 puits: 11 secondes
Caractéristiques physiques
Alimentation 100-240 VAC
50/60 Hz
Dimensions 16 po. P x 8,5 po. L x 8,5 po. H (40,6 x 21,6 x 21,6 cm)
Poids 24 livres (11 kg)
Réglementation Pour les diagnostics in vitro. Tous les instruments pour microplaque BioTek portent la marque CE et celle de l 'agence de sécurité NRTL (laboratoires de test de renommée nationale). Pour obtenir des détails sur la conformité aux normes et homologations, veuillez contacter BioTek.

Les spécifications sont susceptibles d'être modifiées.

Standard (inclus)

Logiciel d'analyse et de collecte de données Gen5

Logiciel d'analyse et de collecte de données Gen5

BioTek’s new Gen5™ software offers a logical interface designed to easily flow from reading parameters, to plate layout, to powerful data reduction, and finally to flexible data output options. The results of this intuitive design, including the exclusive StepWise™ protocol and data reduction tools and the power of Gen5's data reduction, will be evident in increased laboratory efficiency.

En option

BioStack Microplate Stacker

BioStack Microplate Stacker

BioStack™ is a compact and versatile microplate stacker compatible with BioTek’s washers, dispensers, detectors and imaging systems. BioStack offers rapid plate exchange speeds to increase throughput and enhance productivity, accommodating assay workflows both with and without plate lids.

Standard (inclus)


75053 Serial Cable, Null Modem (9-pin female to 25-pin female) cet accessoire a une photo

Manuel de l'utilisateur

MANUAL Operator's manuals can be obtained via the Customer Resource Center

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Kits d'intégration BioStack

7310048 BioStack Integration Kit for PowerWave HT and PowerWave XS cet accessoire a une photo


75104 USB to Serial Adapter cet accessoire a une photo

Supports pour laboratoire

7302030 Cuvette Adapter cet accessoire a une photo


7210515 3-Instrument Rack – for third party robotic system integration cet accessoire a une photo
7270512 Bio-Cell Adapter Plate Assemblée cet accessoire a une photo
7272051 Bio-Cell 1 cm Quartz Vessel cet accessoire a une photo

Packages d'homologation des produits

7280520 PowerWave Qualification Package
7300514 PowerWave XS2 Qualification Package

Plaques de test et réactifs

7120779 BioTek QC Check Solution #1 - Yellow (25 mL) cet accessoire a une photo
7120782 BioTek QC Check Solution #1 - Yellow (125 mL) cet accessoire a une photo
7260522E Absorbance Test Plate cet accessoire a une photo

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