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Image Gallery

BioTek imaging products are designed for a wide range of applications. BioTek customers are using the Lionheart™ Automated Microscopes, and Cytation™ Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Readers for their own unique research and in the process acquire beautiful, publication quality images and movies. Take a look at images captured with BioTek instruments.


Mouse e7.5 implantation site imaged at 10x

Planarian intestine, 4x, GFP TxRed and DAPI Montage

Hound healing assay


F-actin and G-actin co-localization in rat middle cerebral artery.

Neural stem Cell from Mice

Large Network of Cortical Neurons.



MAP2 (red) and GFAP (green) staining on mesenchymal stem cells in vitro neural differentiation induced; magnification 40X.

Mouse e7.5 implantation site imaged at 10x

Neural crest-derived stem cells in a fluorescent labeled heart tissue section

Microalgae Botryococcus braunii




3D spheroid


Zebrafish at 4x

Mesenchymal/epithelial spheroid assay

Neural crest-derived stem cells in a fluorescent labeled heart tissue section




death pathway assay

Fetal mouse blood

stained active mitochrondria

Breast Cancer Cells

Brain hemisection


PtK2 cells

hepatocyte spheroid

Hep G2 cells

Calcium sulfate crystals

Ca-CHA biomaterial scaffolds

Z-projection of bacteria

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