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ELx50 Washer

The ELx50™ Washer is a truly flexible platform that provides washing capabilities unsurpassed in its class. The washer's modular platform processes standard solid bottom plates used in many traditional ELISAs and cell based assays, while available biomagnetic separation and vacuum filtration capabilities make the ELx50 an excellent choice for automating the wash steps of a 96-well magnetic or polystyrene bead assays. You can make the move from manual microplate washing to automation with the economical, high performance ELx50.


The ELx50 can automate many wash processes in strip plates and full plate washing.
  • Bead washing
  • Cell washing

Cells washed with straight tips
The ELx50 is certified for Luminex® xMAP® bead assays

These are just a few examples of the many important applications for ELx50. Visit our Applications page to see more.